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jueves, 20 de octubre de 2016



it is located 97 km north-East of the city of cusco(1 hours and 30 minutes by car) and was built during the incan period, as fortified area which includes temples benched terraces and an urban sector, two ectors can be distinguished; One denominated "araqama Ayllu"; and area related to worshipping and religious activities and the other, "Qosqo Ayllu" which is a compound of living its fortified walls and towers show it, along witch traces of ancient paths and aqueducts.

the village of Ollantaytambo is called "live incan Village",as its inhabitants maintain the ancient customs. you can visit the village of willoc, the inhabitants of which speak Quechua and stand out by their red clothes that identify them as members of a region and different ayllu to then rest of then region. Ollantaytambo's archeological area is an other monumental aster work of incan archtecture, as it was built on two mountains, in a strategic place that visually dominante the whole valley.

in its time ollantaytambo was a miltary religious, Administrative and agricultural complex, the entranceto the city was made through a door called Punku-Punku. On top there is the master work of incan architects and stone utters. Ollantaytambo is the only incan city that is still almost intact and its houses still serve as hoes in which live the descendants of that great culture.

for visitors we recommend they'd take a walk around the village's urban area, where "chicherias" (local "pub" or tavern where "chicha" is begin serverd) are abundant, along with exquisite trapezoidal door styles. the city's design ,its axes,urban structure, the beauty of its volumes and contrants between light what attract the visitors. the main church has a facabe with six pink granite monoliths brought from some other place and perfectly fit in the stone wall.

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