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viernes, 10 de febrero de 2017


The Inca Trail is a trek that starts in the mythic 82 kilometer near Ollantaytambo. It is one of the most popular and exclusive treks in Peru. It comprises a journey of more than 23 km where different ecoregions, altitudes, temperature variety and amazing landscapes can be found. All of this makes your journey unforgettable. The route ends in Machu Picchu (Lost city of the Incas).

The scenery and landscapes changes among the trek. In the first two days the landscape is an Andean type with the presence of steep mountains, snowy mountains, woods and streams. On the other hand, the vegetation is more tropical on the third day. You can see llamas, hummingbirds, hawks, lizards and sometimes even deer among the way. You also trek across parts of Incan traces used by them to communicate different cities of their empire.

You really can’t miss a single part of this amazing trek, that’s why we give you these 10 tips to trek the Inca Trail.

1.- Get Acclimatized.

The best option is to arrive in Cusco 2 days before the trek so your body gets used to work properly in height. Rest at least 1 hour at your hotel after arriving, walk slowly and do not hesitate to take a taxi even when the journey is short.

2.- Try to drink coca leaf tea.

We recommend to take infusions of coca leaves (mate de coca) when you arrive to Cusco. All public places and hotels offer it and some hotels give it to their customers for free.

3.- Appropriate backpack.

Depending on the road you choose, the trek could last 2 or 4 days, so every gram counts. Bring only the strictly necessary and make sure that the backpack you take is the appropriate one for trekking because as you're moving, everything becomes heavier.

4.- Appropriate footwear.

It’s recommendable to take trekking shoes with good grip or mountain shoes for the Inca Trail and similar treks. It’s not convenient to bring new footwear because these will cause you blisters. It’s also advisable to take a pair of sandals to rest your feet at night.

5.- Food.

Eat light, without excess fat or heavy meals for digestion.

6.- Hydrate.

Is essential to hydrate with frequency during the trek and it’s something we shouldn’t forget. Bring water, it’s difficult to find water during the trek. Bring your own bottle of water and try to drink all the water you can.

7.- Bring candies.

In addition to what your guide brings, we recommend having some solid candy to suck while climbing. They seem to give you energy and they distract your mind from climbing!

8,- Bring a Camera.

The landscapes are really beautiful and you really can’t lose the chance to take great pictures so bring your camera and take as many photos as you can.

9.- Physical condition.

If you have a good physical condition you shouldn’t have any problems with the trek. If you’re not in a good physical condition walking before the trek could help.

10.- Go with your own rhythm.

It’s not a race. Do not hesitate to stop and rest if you feel oxygen lacks. We also think it’s more enjoyable to stop and rest frequently to admire the sights.

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¡ Enjoy !

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