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martes, 26 de junio de 2018

"Taki" the museum of musical instruments in Cusco

"Taki Museum" is an ethnographic collection, it has a permanent exhibition room in which Andean and Amazonian musical instruments are appreciated. It also has a library, an ethnic music archive and a video library. The Museum of the Andean Institute has a collection of varied musical instruments made of different types of ancient andean materials. You can't miss the opportunity to see this fantastic collection of original ancient instruments. Let´s see more details of Taki Museum

In the city of Cusco - Peru, the capital of the Ancient Tahuantinsuyo, legacy of the Inca empire is located the museum  "Taki Museum", a place where more than 400 original musical instruments of the Andean and Amazonian indigenous and mestizo peoples can be appreciated. and others from America and the World. The musical instruments that will be exhibited in "TAKI", are made of the most diverse and curious materials, shapes and sizes and present different techniques of sound production and execution. In "Taki Museum", these instruments, not only can be seen but also heard in their sounds, melodies, rhythms and harmonies, through guided tours, live demonstrations and an important archive of original field recordings. In addition, "Taki Museum", allow us to take some Andean music sessions, meditation and healing rituals through ancestral music, musical improvisation sessions, as well as talks, workshops and seminars that are offer regularly.

Here some of the projects done by "TAKI" as a museum and Cultural Center:

  • Taki museum show original and indigenous musical instruments and mestizos of the Andean, Amazonian and other peoples of America and the world. 
  • Musical and visual archive (photo and video). 
  • Specialized library 
  • Workshops and teaching of the instruments.
  • Instrument building workshops. 
  • Training and promotion of musical groups traditional 
  • Talks and conferences and organization of seminars. 
  • Recordings and production of CDs, videos, etc. 
  • Written publications 
  • Live sessions of ancestral music, ritual, etc. Andean and Amazonian musical ceremonial calendar. Area and research and projects in relation to original Andean and Amazonian indigenous communities. 
  • Store (sale of instruments and related items).

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