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lunes, 3 de septiembre de 2018

Tips to preven the altitude sickness during Salkantay Trek

Altitude sickness, also known as Monge's disease, occurs as a fundamental cause in the lack of oxygen, and manifests itself in non-acclimatized people who rise above 2 thousand m.a.s.l. in less than 1 or 2 days. The tourist who arrives at these points by plane is the most prone to suffer this evil. The symptoms usually occur within the first 48 hours of the ascent and include from insomnia, headache to nausea, vomiting. To start let´s know;

What is altitude sickness? (or Soroche, as it is called in Cusco) 

At altitudes above 2,400 m, the air is thinner, that is, there is less pressure, so while the percentage of oxygen remains the same, the air is less dense, so every time you breathe, inhale less oxygen than you're used to. To counteract this, your body, at first, feels the need to breathe faster and pump the blood more quickly in order to have the same amount of oxygen to which you are accustomed. For many people, this comes as a shock to the body, causing various symptoms.

Now I will describe some of the most popular symptoms:
  • Dizziness, lightheadedness 
  • Headaches Sickness
  • Vomiting 
  • Diarrhea or constipation 
  • Difficult breathing 
  • Tachycardia 

However, many of us do not know how to protect ourselves from this evil. Here some
recommendations before hiking the Salkantay Trek:

  •  Acclimatization upon arrival in Cusco is very important to fully enjoy the rest of the trip. It is necessary to rest as much as possible the first day, eat little and drink plenty of fluids. 
  • Always walk slowly, if you suffer from severe headache. 
  • Do not make physical efforts too sudden. 
  • Avoid alcohol, cigarettes and heavy food.
  • It is advisable to bring a good supply of lemon candies, as it counteracts dehydration and discomfort due to height.
  • If you also feel fatigue, headache, suffer from nausea or vomiting seek medical help at the nearest health post.

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