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jueves, 6 de diciembre de 2018

Hiking Salkantay without a guide

Usually when you arrive in Cusco and start exploring the possibilities to go to Macchu Picchu on your own, you find that the information they provide is scarce and of dubious reliability. Not many decide to do this trek without a guide, given the uncertainty that you face. But the reality is that it is a fairly accessible road, as long as the time is on our side.Now learn how to hike Salkantay without a guide.

The preparations:

Mountain equipment: Among the essential things to survive 5 days in the wild mountain Salkantay, you will need a good sleeping bag, tent, stove and gas to cook, rain poncho, warm clothes, mountain boots, etc. If you already have everything, perfect. If not you can rent some material. Now the list of some things that you maybe need:

  • 5 soles per day per sleeping bag up to -15ºC
  • 3 soles per day for rain pants
  • 5 soles for buying a rain poncho
  • 40 soles per gas bottle for cooking

Food: since you do not know if you will going to find a place to buy food until reache to Aguas Calientes, is recommended to buy food for 5 days. Oatmeal for breakfast, nuts for the road, pasta to eat, nuddles for dinner. Cooked eggs last several days and complement either meal well. Try to look for dehydrated fruits (you can find it at San Pedro Market in Cusco) and in general take things that weigh little. For the water carry water treatment pills.

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