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viernes, 28 de diciembre de 2018

Humantay Lake

Cusco, millenary city, is full of magical places to live unique experiences. One of those places to visit is the Humantay lagoon, where nature and landscape converge at the foot of a snow peak located at 4200 meters above sea level. We invite you to know more about this beautiful place of Peruvian nature. Discover Humantay Lake:

What is the Humantay Lake?

The Humantay lake makes life at the foot of the Humantay mountain. Its waters are crystal clear, with a turquoise tone that delights tourists. Although it is a not so well known place among the Peruvian snow peaks and the great mountains, it is very popular among hikers traveling to southern Peru. Would you dare to bathe in its cold waters?

How to get to the Humantay Lake?

There is the option of reaching the Humantay lagoon with vehicles trained to get close to tourist guides. It is an excursion of one day and the trip lasts approximately five hours. Leaving very early, transport can take you to the beautiful town of Mollepata. There you can have breakfast and get what you need for the road.

When you leave Mollepata you must go to Soraypampa. From there, you start the hike up to the Humantay Lagoon by the same road that leads to the snowy mountain, only halfway along the route you take a detour to the lake.

Why visit the Humantay Lake?

The waters of the Humantay Lake will captivate you. Its geographical location and mineral wealth make it a visual spectacle to enjoy. The multicolored shades that can be seen on its banks, according to light and weather, will make you feel in a magical environment where you do not want the day to end.

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